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About Twinwood Aviation Museum

The museum is located on the former RAF World War 2, Night Fighter Training Station RAF Twinwood Farm, Near Clapham, Bedfordshire.

Our museum building
Control Tower

The airfield is also home to the “Glenn Miller” museum which is housed in the airfields Watch Office (Control Tower).  Every August Bank Holiday weekend the airfield host’s The “Twinwood Festival” with its unique selection of music and entertainment from the 1930’s 40’s and 1960’s.

The Twinwood Aviation Museum is contained in the original Flight Office building, thanks to the generosity of Mr. David Wooding and Twinwood Events Ltd.

The museum is a purely voluntary, non-profit making organisation with the objective of preserving the history of RAF Twinwood Farm, and our rich aviation heritage from the First World War to World War 2 for future generations.

Hut 55

The background of the museum goes back to the 1980’s and the members have many years’ experiences in the field of aviation archaeology and research.  It was not until January 2002 that the Twinwood Aviation Museum was formed when the opportunity was given to create a museum on the former RAF airfield.


One of the museums activity’s is the research, location and when feasible recovery of crashed military aircraft of historical importance from the Second World War.

The history of each aircraft is researched via U.S. Air Force and Air Ministry documents and reports from which an account and often poignant story of the aircraft and crew may be built up.

On the location of a crash site and after obtaining permission from the land owner and a licence from the Ministry of Defence (a legal requirement under the Protection of Military Remains Act 1986), we are then able to locate with the aid of sophisticated metal detectors any remains of the aircraft and then excavate the site.

An exhibit

Through the exhibition of such items, we aim to create a museum of interest for all ages which can not only be entertaining but educational.  We also aim to preserve the memory of all those who served on the ground and in the air and to those who made the supreme sacrifice by giving their lives to secure our freedom.

Through the exhibition of artefacts from this period we want to bring to life the experiences of those on the Home Front and all the service personnel on the front line for future generations to actually see and feel the history.

We passionately hope that all our visitors enjoy their time with us, and discover the rich aviation heritage of the airfield and its county and pause to remember those who lost their lives in the struggle to preserve our freedom

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